Hybrid App Development, Need of Hybrid Developer & Mobile Application Platforms

Hybrid App Development, Need of Hybrid Developer with Use of Mobile Application Platforms

Nowadays a lot of applications have come up, but people use mobile applications more than ever now. A lot of web applications give a very high performance while native mobile applications are optimized for the specific operating system and show better features for that particular operating system. Now both have advantages and disadvantages while going native gives better use of native API and web browser coding being easier both can be used side by side in hybrid app development. The application can be built using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS like any web application which makes it very easy for hybrid developer.

Hybrid App Development Mobile Application Developer
Hybrid App Development Mobile Application Developer

Then this package is then wrapped around by a container that allows it to be installed like any native app. This container can be for example Cordova which also lets the application access the host system’s operating system features. These include a camera, geo-location tagging, flashlight, etc. This way the application can be developed by using the same methods like any other web application and then using it with the same native features as an application developed for native mobiles. The applications made by hybrid development makes the apps be more easy to install and update, they can be directly deployed rather than using an app store. They also make the app cross-platform independent. The main use of having this feature is that the coding needs to be done only once and then it can be deployed directly to all the app stores like IOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Need for Hybrid application development with Hybrid developers

The native development way makes great applications for specific operating systems with great user interfaces and awesome functionalities. While it is very distinct in terms of performance its coding process is not so easy. And the applications made for one operating system for example IOS cannot be used in Android and vice-versa. This makes the process of making applications with Native apps not so advantageous. The whole code must be rewritten before deploying into other app stores.

But in hybrid app development, this is not necessary as the program is cross-platform. Just one line of code can change the application to be used for a different operating system or platform. The use of hybrid mobile application development tools makes the existing web developers with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS experience, utilize them in making great mobile applications with capabilities to use all the operating system features like camera, GPS, etc. This makes the new way of development advantageous.

The use of native app development platforms makes less use of existing code and does not allow data reusability. This way using hybrid development which is used for making truly cross-platform applications can be used for better performance and stability.

Web applications provide high performance when compared to native mobile apps, while they do not make use of the API and native features in the operating system. The use of the hybrid system for development is often taken when the app requires not much offline content, needs an active internet connection to access the available content. This is because most of the application is made using web code and without internet, it cannot be accessed. But the code made with native functionalities are available.

Native development requires a lot of time and resources, the need for multiple platforms requires a lot of native coders making it costly. The development is also not so simple. Making use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript is a lot easier and the development process is also simplified and made faster. Thus the need for hybrid development.

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Hybrid app development tools in 2019 – Famous Hybrid mobile app development tools

The need for hybrid application development is quite clear, so a list of top hybrid app development tools or platforms are mentioned below –

React native app development

React js is a java based library that is used for the development of reusable components for the User Interface of web pages, web, and mobile applications. React was developed by Facebook, it is maintained by a big community of people in addition to React native developer. React is used mainly for the V in the MVC ( model view controller ) architecture. It can handle only the views for the development and requires the use of other additional libraries for complete development of a web page or application. But for developing simple mobile applications React native a component of Reactjs can be used.

Ionic mobile app development

Ionic is an open-source software development kit used for development of hybrid mobile applications for cross-platform Initially, it was built on AngularJS and Apache Cordova. It is a drag and drop interface building tool. It is the development tool for designing applications faster than ever for all kinds of cross-platform uses. It lets Ionic app developers build apps in one codebase thus letting them go for faster design, testing, and launching. It has a real-time monitoring facility helping to push app updates and bug fixes faster to users without the need for an app store as intermediate. Lots of big companies around the world like Verizon, EA games, IBM, Comcast, and many others use Ionic for their application development needs.

PhoneGap Development

Pretty old technology according to the world’s scenario but still using. PhoneGap or Cordova is an open-source and mobile-centric hybrid development platform. It is very popular and used by hybrid developers around the world. With the ability to make robust and interactive applications, it is filled with features. Its efficient working across multiple platforms and ability to connect to native functionalities makes it the most widely used hybrid development tool.

Use of Hybrid App Development Platforms

The use of hybrid mobile development platforms is found very useful but like other platforms, it also has disadvantages or scenarios where other platforms are more easy to use or give better performance. When the requirement is for application building over various platforms and requires native functionalities hybrid applications are found to be best. But there are some things that can only be achieved by using a native development tool. Thus choosing the right type of platform requires a lot of experience and proper understanding of the requirements before the actual process of choosing.

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