React Native vs Ionic – Best Framework for Hybrid Mobile App Development?

  • Looking for the Best Framework for Hybrid Mobile App Development?
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  • Looking to find the Ionic 2 vs React Native performance while developing mobile application?
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If you are struggling a lot b/w choosing the Best ones! We’re here with our answers while will definitely help you to find the web solutions for Hybrid app development & frameworks by Hybrid app development company.

React native vs Ionic development

Best Framework for Hybrid Mobile App Development – React native vs Ionic!

Ionic App Development

Ionic for mobile app development and mobile developer was invented or designed by Max lynch, Ben Sperry and Adam Barley. It was designed in the year 2013 (five years ago) and Ionic has been developed by the company Drifty Co. Ionic provides options for developers or builders to create or design or develop mobile apps using CSS or HTML 5. Apps created or designed with web technologies can be distributed through native app stores so that it can be installed on various sorts or types of mobile devices.

Ionic is an npm module and requires the support of Node js. Ionic develops or designs web designs, devices and this is one of the major aspect of ionic. Ionic have been built or designed or developed because it is strongly believed that HTML 5 would rule on mobile over time, exactly as it has on the desktop. When the desktop computer will come to power and the web browser had advanced, every person will start engaging with web in the computer spending much time on it.

More talking about Ionic development, Unlike a responsive framework Ionic comes with very native styled mobile UI mobile elements and layouts that you would get with a native SDK on IOS or Android but did not really exist before on the web. Ionic gives you the best ways to build mobile application in association with HTML 5, CSS and many more.

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React Native Development

React Native can be best defined as a open source development framework independent cross platform based for writing real application or natively rendering mobile application or natively rendering mobile application source for iOS and Android. It exposes user interface platform of AOI packages like mobile camera phone or simply the user’s location.

React Native does not develops any HTML5 app or hybrid apps but builts app using the languages C or Java. It uses the same fundamental concept of building blocks of UI of iOS and for Android mobile devices applications or apps. It is simply a real mobile app development framework. React Native does not provide a complete set of application framework. It is specifically designed for building user interfaces and connection of software’s which might be a necessary fact for a developer to build an application.

React Native allows the designer or developer to choose any types or sorts of libraries from the list of JavaScript libraries for successfully accomplishing their task such as performing network access or local data storage. In order to continue the unidirectional flow of commands or codes of React Native which is totally alternative of Angularjs bidirectional flow.

The popular model view applications or controller is implemented which is sent through in the form of a packet or a central dispatcher. The basic principle of running Native in any system or processor is that it runs on a Background process via diagonalizable, batched bridge process corner prototype and asynchronous system model of the user corner development system.

React Native uses the concept of HTML 5 into JS since Java is less powerful than HTML and React Native makes use of the acquired or required knowledge of JavaScript into various fields of modern and latest technologies available in world. We can simply say, React native is one of the best Hybrid mobile app frameworks for the developers

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Comparison Between Ionic Vs React Native

Ionic vs React native performance comparison – Hybrid mobile app development | Source


  • Ionic provides same codebase for the development of hybrid apps.
  • React Native also provides same codebase for the development of android, iOS and windows application.

Results Both the Ionic and React Native provides good sharing of codebase which is required for the development of hybrid apps.


  • There is a particular limitation with the performance of the Ionic in developing a hybrid app and it cannot access most of the hardware of the device.
  • A React Native can access to all hardware devices without any particular limitations and hence it provides a good performance and scalability.

Results In case of performance a user should always choose React Native since its performance rate is quite good and is easily accessible in any hardware.


  • Ionic builts app when it is wrapped in a native shell so the look of the apps need to be compromised.
  • React Native allows the developer to develop apps without any sort of wrapping in a native nut shell and thus the looks of the app developed with the help of React Native  provides similar feelings as that of a native app.

Results:- If a user can compromise with the features of UX/UI then he/she can adopt Ionic else it is preferred to adopt React Native for hybrid app development.


  • Testing an app built with Ionic can be done with the help of a net browser and thus there is no need for loading of an emulator.
  • React Native app allows the developer or designer to test the apps either with the help of a emulator or a real device. Thus the React Native allows the testing of the system device or system platform by means of two processes.

Results In regards of testing of apps both the Ionic and React Native can be preferred for the development of hybrid apps.

Cost of development

  • Ionic provides an affordable cost of price for the developer or designer to develop any sort of apps such as Native apps, Hybrid apps, Web apps etc.
  • React Native apps also provides the developers or designer to develop hybrid apps or native apps or any other sort of apps easily at a very affordable range of cost or affordable range of price.

Results:- Thus both Ionic and react Native apps provide affordable range of development of hybrid apps.

Market Place

  • The marketplace for ionic is great as it provides good starter apps, themes and plugins starting from DatePicker to Google Map.
  • The marketplace of React Native is not so good as Ionic but some companies are adopting the starter apps, themes, tools and plugins.

Results:- Thus the marketplace of React Native is comparatively much less than Ionic because of the above reasons.


Now the question arises that what should the hybrid mobile app developer or user should prefer for Hybrid app development services? Well from having a look from the above comparisons according to me React Native is most suitable for hybrid app development because except for its market place all the other features of React Native is advanced than Ionic.

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